For more than a quarter of a century Andrew has been singing principal roles with the UK opera companies - also sometimes in Europe and America.

Thanks to the solid singing technique provided by the Royal Northern College Music in the 1980s his voice has remained fresh as the odd grey hair has arrived, and he now looks and sounds ideal for the low voice roles of nobility or malevolence which abound in the repertoire.  He is also good as the fat funny bloke.  There is, in fact a role to suit him in almost every opera.

He is eternally good-humoured - taking as a blessing that his job is the activity he would do for fun around a conventional career.  Being married to a soprano whose international career allows him to travel the world in style, and teaching a few students at the University of Huddersfield puts glorious icing on his cake.

Andrew can be contacted by telephone at +44 7974 000250, or Alternatively, drop him a line using the form below.